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Organic Root Zone Therapy - Tree problems like insects and disease are a secondary problem. The initial problem that brings the pathogen to the plant is what an Arborist looks for before he can diagnosis the trees problem. Trees that are under environmental stress will put off a smell that insects and disease pick up on and use to determine which plant to attack. Environmental conditions usually start at time of planting. Choosing the right plant for the right location is critical and is the leading cause of tree removal. Not enough planning goes into the tree or shrub placement before planting.
Also improper planting (too deep) or mulching (too high) will lead to a decline in tree health within the first 10 years of a plants life.


Organic Root Zone Therapy was invented for this reason, it will correct improper root development which is the leading cause of a plants decline. Roots that circle around the base of the tree or the trunk flare are called girdling roots. Girdling roots kill by strangling the tree to death, they restrict vascular flow to the crown of the tree. This does not allow the uptake of vital nutrients and water which the tree uses to make hormones and enzymes for fighting disease and insects. Healthy trees and shrubs can fight pathogens on their own, however when they become stressed they lose their ability to fight insects and disease, they are then under attack until stress factors change or the tree dies.


Procedure- To correct the issues under ground an Arborist uses high pressure air to remove the soil from the root flare and root zone around the base of the tree, this only needs to be done in a 6-8' ring around the base of the tree. After the soil is removed and the roots are exposed the Arborist will then perform surgery on the girdling roots cutting them out and away from the trunk flare. After all the girdling roots are removed the soil is put back and the tree is properly mulched with an organic composted wood chip mulch.


This service will allow CO2 levels to increase to the root zone and feeds the root zone nutrients for up to 3 years. Beware of raised mulch rings (volcano mulch) and planting too deep. Top of a plants root ball should be planted 1" above grade(grass line) never set the root ball in the hole below grade, this is the leading cause of decline, then death in newly planted trees and shrubs. Mulching needs to be 1-2" thick at grade level only and never go up the trunk or trunk flare.